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About Lux Photography

Lux Photography was founded out of my love for photography as an art form! Not  the say cheese...look like a deer in headlights kind of image but rather a laid back modern approach that allows us to capture your personalities. Relax, have fun, grab a drink… We’ll work with you to create a photography schedule that allows you to get those great images you are looking for while still enjoying your celebration.

I'm often asked "what's our style"?  Our style is you... as you peruse our site you may see a variety of styles.  Our goal is to get you what you are looking for.  From artistic creative B&W images, capture the moment candids to timeless family portraits.  You're encouraged to tell us what you like and don't so we make sure you get unique to you images that fit your style and personalities. 

I look forward to hearing more about your wedding plans and celebrating your marriage with great images! ~ Amanda (photographer & founder)